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Installing the SwellSync Monitor

To install the SwellSync monitor on to your erg, you will need access to the flywheel shaft.

  1. Locate the end of the flywheel shaft and fit the round cap piece of the SwellSync monitor over the shaft end.  The cap should fit as far in as possible and should be snug, with room for the shaft to spin freely still.

    Install spindle
  2. Place the SwellSync and docking bracket close to the cap piece, leaving a small gap between the cap and monitor's curved side to allow the cap to spin freely. Note and mark the position of the docking bracket.

  3. Remove the backing of the adhesive tape on the docking bracket and stick it to the marked position.

  4. Place the SwellSync monitor back into the docking bracket and it should be held in place by positioning magnets. You may also plug in a micro-USB power source at the of the monitor. The monitor is ready for use and pairing with Swelldone and other compatible BLE FTMS apps.