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Web Interface for SwellSync Monitor

The SwellSync monitor can be accessed via a web browser to observe performance metrics without needing to use the Swelldone app.  To enable the web interface, however, you must use the Swelldone app to configure the Wi-Fi connection.

  1. To access the SwellSync configuration screen, first pair with your SwellSync monitor.  Once connected, a Configure button appears on the bottom left.  Click Configure to access the configuration screens.

  2. Click on the Web Interface tab to configure your Wi-Fi settings.  Please enter your Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password (Passphrase) to connect SwellSync to your Wi-Fi.  Click Apply Settings and once connected after a few seconds, you should see the IP Address of the monitor reflected in the bottom field.

  3. Click the View in Browser button, or type in that IP Address on any device/computer on the same Wi-Fi network to view the monitor's web-interface.


The web-interface reports additional detailed measurements for the erg, including stroke drive and recovery phases as well as a force curve.